Stop Putting Toothpaste on Your Toothbrush

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash
Tooth Abrasion and Gum Recession — To Repair what you see above could easily cost between $700 and $6,000 depending on if they can all just be filled, or if some will need crowns and maybe even a root canal! (and this is only one side of the mouth — usually, the other side has some damage as well)

Problem: Tooth abrasion and gum recession

What it is:

  • Exposed tooth roots, damaged roots, receding gums

What life is like with it:

  • Sensitive teeth to cold, hot (air and liquids), sweets, touching, mint, acids
  • Embarrassment to smile or have photos because the darkened roots can show
  • Food catches in the abraded areas, sometimes brushing hurts
  • Since roots are half as mineralized as enamel, the roots are easy to dissolve in acidic foods and drinks
  • Roots are much softer than enamel, so you can easily damage them with toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • High risk of tooth decay, decay occurs more quickly on exposed, damaged roots

What life is like without it:

  • Better eating and drinking, more smiling, less risk of tooth decay, saving tons of money down the road, better brushing, better dental prevention

What causes it:

  • There are several causes, some of which are unavoidable, (braces, bad crowns, bad habits, grinding and clenching teeth) but you can mostly avoid this problem with proper dental fitness as outlined below and in my video

* The Main Cause of Tooth Abrasion is — putting toothpaste on your toothbrush!

Simple solution:

  • Since you don’t put fresh toothpaste for each tooth …
  • … and toothpaste foam is good enough for most of your teeth …
  • … and foam causes the least damage…
  • why not simply put a blob of toothpaste in your mouth, swish and squish it around and turn it into foam, and then brush the foam!
  • You’ll do just as well with the least abrasion. But you must also brush correctly. Watch my toothbrushing video here:




Dentist. Inventor. Dental Fitness Enthusiast. For Preventive Dental Fitness Tips see

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Steven Edwards

Steven Edwards

Dentist. Inventor. Dental Fitness Enthusiast. For Preventive Dental Fitness Tips see

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